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Favorite new trend - putting a new twist on a wedding classic

As an event planner, I am constantly looking for new fresh ideas. Constantly looking for imaginative, innovative ways to make each wedding and event different. I want to make people, say 'Wow, I have never seen that before!' That is my goal, my target, my wish for every wedding and event I plan.

This is a classic concept - but with a new and whimsical twist. A spin on ice sculptures - adding color and texture. What is it about an ice sculpture that instantly adds grace and a touch of sophistication to an event? Of course like anything vulnerable to the style hand, someone can always ruin the design and it turns out looking tacky - even if it is covered in lobster and caviar. BUT for the most part, ice sculptures always create a WOW factor. Perhaps it is the fact that you know every second that you are staring wide eyed at this shiny, smooth sculpture it is melting away, drip by drip.

With each contrasting type of wedding, you can, like other elements of your decor, design the ice sculptures with flowers to your taste. From county chic to classic elegant there is a design combination out there for every bride's special day.

For a twist on some mini ice ideas, we love these ice cubes and champagne buckets made of ice and detailed with wild flowers.

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