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This NYC Restaurateur Found Oz on a Hudson Valley Farm


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The Big Apple event planner followed her family footsteps and built her own Emerald City in Saugerties.
Jennifer Oz LeRoy is the Dorothy Gale of the Hudson Valley. Aside from the obvious (both are brunette), LeRoy and Dorothy share a similar personality. Both are determined, persistent, and eternally optimistic. Even amid life’s many challenges (dare we say tornados?), both ladies find a way to come out on top.But first, a backstory.In case her name didn’t already tip you off, LeRoy, owner of Oz Farm in Saugerties, is more than just a fan of the The Wizard of Oz. In fact, it was her grandfather, Mervyn LeRoy, who produced the iconic 1939 film. Her great grandfather, Jack Warner, was one of the Warner brothers. Yes, we do mean those Warner Brothers. As for her parents, they were the New York City restaurateurs behind more than a few of the city’s notable eateries, including the former Tavern on the Green, the acclaimed Big Apple restaurant that was just as much of a who’s who social spot as it was a fine dining destination.Enter LeRoy.
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Grandfather of Jennifer Oz LeRoy, Marvyn LeRoy on the set of The Wizard Of Oz

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