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Jennifer Oz LeRoy



        Jennifer LeRoy’s middle name is Oz for a reason. In her grandfather Mervyn’s most famous film, a tornado transports its young protagonist from a monochromatic existence on a Kansas farm to a technicolor world of unprecedented fantasy and wonder.

        Much like her grandfather’s famous heroine, Jennifer LeRoy has emerged and woken up to a world of vibrant possibility. She has found herself in Oz, where anything is possible.




        If the Oz in her name represents her gift for imagination, the LeRoy that follows it is the mark of nothing less than a dynasty. As the great granddaughter of Jack Warner (one of the Warner Brothers and the driving force behind the founding of the mythic film studio), granddaughter of legendary Hollywood director and producer Mervyn LeRoy (famous for producing The Wizard of Oz, discovering Clark Gable, Loretta Young, Robert Mitchum and Lana Turner, and directing or co-directing over ninety classic films throughout his career), and daughter of Kay and Warner LeRoy, both business impresarios and chef-restaurateurs (owners and operators of venerable New York City Restaurants Maxwell's Plum, Tavern on the Green, and the Russian Tea Room as well as creator of the Great Adventure Theme Park), Jennifer LeRoy is the heir to a storied family legacy of showmanship, spectacle, and impeccable entertainment. But Ms. LeRoy is not content to live in the past. The onetime owner and operator of Tavern on the Green, she now works as an event planner, restaurateur and restaurant/nightlife consultant as well as a sought-after host. 

       After her father Warner’s death in 2001, Jennifer inherited the keys to Tavern on the Green, a restaurant synonymous with the Golden Age of Dining and Nightlife of New York City. Under her stewardship, the iconic restaurant lived out the last decade of its life cycle until it tragically shut its doors for good in 2009. While he lived, Warner LeRoy often quoted the great American director Elia Kaza, who once told him: “You’ve got to go out on a limb, and if you don’t fall of the limb: you haven’t gone out far enough.” He instilled this maxim in his daughter from a young age, and she consistently repaid his wisdom with daring, resilience, and success. Jenny Oz then followed the example of her forebears and turned pitfall into opportunity, spurred ever onward by the history that runs in her veins. While it may have been the end of an era for New York society, the closing of Tavern on the Green in fact ushered in a new beginning for Jennifer Oz LeRoy.


       Over the last six years, Jennifer has undergone a metamorphosis, emerging from the formative cocoon of the Tavern with a veritable plethora of upcoming ventures. Combined two of her biggest passions, horses and events.  Jennifer has turned her 82 acre Hudson Valley working horse farm, into a magical venue for brides to have their wedding day feel like it is somewhere over the rainbox.  Oz Farm located in Saugerties NY offers tented areas overlooking breathtaking mountain views, as well as a once used renovated barn for weddings and events.  Oz Farm also offers limited to full service wedding planning services for brides, grooms, and event clients.  


       Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz before her, Jennifer Oz LeRoy has lived a grand adventure that has brought her to the far reaches of her own imagination. Along the way, she has helped others discover their strengths and face their fears and demons. She has found success and fulfillment at the end of the Yellow Brick Road. But unlike Dorothy, Jenny Oz has no plans to click her heels. She’s already home.

Jennifer now leads a team of event planners at her very own Oz Farm.  From limited to full service, Jenny Oz's philosophy on planning is to take as much stress off the bride, groom and families as possible.  Yes we are planning one special day, but the time leading up to it should be as fun and worry free as possible.  


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