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The difference is in the details ladies

"How do I make my wedding stand out from all my friends' weddings?" I am often asked. My answer is simple, the difference is in the details. These details also don't have to break the bank, because let's face it, not everyone can or should slide down the financial free fall when planning their wedding. Your wedding should reflect the magic that is that extra factor that makes you and your loved one special together.

Another details that will make your event memorable is simple: to be mindful of your guests. This is usually the job of a good and thorough wedding planner but nobody knows your besties like you do. For example, Is your event on grass or sand and should you provide sandals for your guests? You could also have the date of the wedding put on the sandals as a gift, that is a great and inexpensive detail friends will remember. Also is there someone in your party that needs special attention? Do you have an elderly person in your party that needs a golf cart or escort for the day? These are just a few ways to be considerate of your guests and will make them remember how gracious you were. For more ideas follow my blog or email questions to

I love this added detail below with lilac at the theme. Look at all the difference ways you can infuse your detail into a wedding that will have your guests talking about if for years to come. #thedifferenceisinthedetails

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