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How to propose to your maid or man of honor

He asked you and now it's your turn! But what type of maid of honor is she? Or what type of Man of Honor is he? You are not limited to just asking you best girlfriend- there are plenty of Men of Honor and even Bridesmen these days, so do not feel like you are breaking any wedding rules. The only rule is you being happy with your choice of who is standing by you on your big day. Now back to your bff- Is she the super girlie, pink roses and champagne type( side note: this is my type and recently my bff asked me to be her maid of honor with the most special and thing closest to my heart: Veuve Clicqout Rose - picture below and KUDDOS to Katha Gatto the best bride ever ever!) Now back to you bff- Is she sporty, yogi or a soul cycle diva M.O.H.? I can tell you, as long as it is thoughtful, there is no wrong way to ask your bff to be there with you every step of the way. The most touching detail is to make it personal. You know your maid of honor to be better than anyone, so put your mushy hat on and get to thinking how would she or he like to be asked? Here are some ideas to help and email me at with questions or ideas you want to bounce around. I am always happy to assist anyone involved in wedding planning fun!

Gift from my bff and bride to be Katha Gatto!

GIRLIE Maid of honor IDEAS

Maid of honor who loves her wine

SENCE OF HUMOR Maid of Honor

Is you Maid of Honor a MAN of Honor? We have gifts ideas for him too!

Does your man of honor have a sweet tooth? We love this sweet idea for your second main man for your big day!

Is your Man of Honor a wall street type? We love this gift idea that even the most manly financial type will love

Your Man of Honor can't live without coffee?

For more wedding planning advice from the Wizardess of Weddings Jenny Oz check back on this blog.

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