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Three HOT new trends for brides

Of course you will be glowing, and of course it will be all about you that day. But do you want to be different, do you want to stand out in the memory of your friends weddings? If you do - you can make your style as a bride to be, remembered forever as you say 'I do.' We have some hot new fashion options that will make your guests red with jealousy. You will be a trendsetter among your squad with any of our new style wedding discoveries.


Whether you are going country chic or full out fairytale this fashion piece will make you feel like a royal bride. More of a Braveheart bride then a Kate Middleton bride? There are designs for every bride vibe. The bridal cape is a romantic new alternative for any style bride. So bale on the traditional veil and you will be luminesce on your big day.


Glamour cape




Romantic cape


Want to add some edge to your big night? Nothing says edgy chic like a leather (or faux leather for the super four legged friendly) jacket. Black or white you cannot go wrong. But want to kick your style up a notch? Try the new custom painted leather jacket- or just go straight rock n' roll bombshell. Your future Mr. is sure to love seeing Mrs. Hislastname on your back. For the couples who want to share in the fun, you can have written on the jackets anything from MR. and Mrs., Just Married or if you have a love phrase it can be shared across the two jackets. Either way, have fun with it- it is your day.


Now this next trend is for the fashion forward bride- but if it is good enough for Solange it is good enough for any bride. It is not for everyone, but if you are thinking about it, we suggest you make an appointment and try a few on. Jumpsuits are a great alternative if this is not your first trip down the aisle, or for the more mature bride.

Saying I do in the sand? Another great bride vibe. A lacey jumpsuit on a sandy beach is picture perfect. Most big bridal shops like Kleinfelds do carry jumpsuits, but you will want to call ahead to make sure they have what you are looking for.

Modern Bride

Boho Bride

Classic Bride

Fashion Bride

Happy shopping brides! Check back for more from the Wizardess of Weddings Jenny Oz

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