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You get one VITO each.....I'm talking to you bride and groom

That's right guys, don't mess with the bride when she puts her foot, or heel down. The last thing you want to do is crush a childhood dream and ruin her prince charming image of you.

Often I help brides and grooms deal with disagreements on wedding details. A band or DJ? Full bar or kegs for the bromance crew? Even make-up, yes I said it make-up. Guys think they want to see their woman as they do first thing in the morning - which I am sure she looks like a glowing angel but if you are spending thousands of dollars on a photographer to capture your day, don't hesitate to get decked out. Of course I always suggest at least 1 make up trial, if not two.

Now back to the VITO. I usually suggest each person gets on VITO, no question's asked that the other person cannot argue with. At the end of the day, the small things aren't worth fighting over and the day of the event will be about you and your loved ones- so enjoy it! Stay tuned for more advice on your big day.

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