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What Type of Bride am I?

Yes ladies, every bride is a type. Don't take offense to this - it simply makes the approach from your planner, venue, tent person, and vendors a bit easier. Once we establish this, we can then determine the correct amount of support and constructive guidance you will need. And let me be clear, there is no 'right or wrong' type. All brides are equally filled with vision, ideas and charm, and it is a great honor to be able to help make your magic and vision come to life.

The Pleaser Bride

The most common bride I would say is 'The Pleaser Bride.' She wants everyone to be happy, which is like asking for the sky to be blue every day. It would be nice but just isn't going to happen. This bride usually has a lot of excited family members around her to plan the big day and this is where things get a bit tricky. You cannot please everyone, and the important thing when planning a wedding with your family is to remember to choose your battles. There is always a balance to be found with making everyone happy. This is usually guidance given to you by your planner, an outside source, with no personal relationship or appendage to the family.

The Bossy Bride

Our next type is 'The Bossy Bride.' Now this may sound offense, but in fact The Bossy Bride knows exactly what she wants and runs the show - which can be quite refreshing. Every wedding is different, yes you guessed it - like a snow flake. Each detail makes a wedding unique. A bride who knows what she wants, usually gets what she wants and when the day comes for her to walk down the aisle, she is happy and satisfied with all her decisions.

The non Bridey Bride

The non bridey bride has a type A and a type B. Type A. is a bride who has been to so many weddings and doesn't want to do the same thing all her friends have done. She wants something fresh and unique.

Type B. doesn't care what other brides have done, but absolutely doesn't want to be a traditional bride. This bride doesn't want typical photos, doesn't want a big, over the top, bridal party and may not even want a traditional walk down the aisle.

These brides too are a breath of fresh air as they typically know what they want when they want it. You go Non Bridey Bride, you go!

The Groom Bride

Yes, you guessed it, grooms can be brides too, and that is A - OK! This usually is a combination of a future bride I will discuss ( the blasé bride) with a Groom Bride. The Groom Bride is a groom who is actually the bride, which I believe is an incredibly delightful type of groom. He cares about the invitations, the layout, and the precision and comfort for his guests. He is usually marrying the next type of bride we will discuss, the Blasé Bride.

The Blasé Bride (rare like a unicorn) is laid back, chill, and has a vision for the big day but is flexible and willing to let her family, her groom, and her grooms family handle most of the detail making decisions. This does not mean she doesn't have an opinion, she just choses to see the big picture and is just looking forward to spending her big day with the ones she loves.

The Been There Done That Bride

The been there done that bride may or may not have marched down the aisle previously but knows what she wants the big day to be about. Her wedding day will be about the ones she loves, family, great food, dancing and lots of laughter. I commend the 'been there done that bride' as each brides wedding day should be exactly what she dreamed it would be.

Stay tuned for more from Jenny Oz -Wizardess of Weddings

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